About Us

About Us

Pentatex® has been developed by Pentatex AB, a Swedish company which has over 15years experience on functional textiles. Pentatex® develops, produces and markets a variety of functional fabrics and materials, providing functional fabrics with new functionalities in a sustainable manner.

Pentatex® products include functional laminates, moisture management fabrics and down proof light weight fabrics. Adding up different treatment/ functionalities on the laminates and fabrics, Pentatex® products meet the demands of the market. Providing innovative & flexible one stop solution is the aim for Pentatex®

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Address: Pentatex AB, Regeringsgatan , Stockholm, 111 56, Sweden

Contact: +46 (0) 8 657 00 87

Email: info@pentatex.com

Website: www.pentatex.com